New world SEO might need more links through social signals such as tweets, likes and +1s than via traditional link building activities.

Social Media Optimization to Build a Network of Customers

Social media forms an important part of any online marketing strategy. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube can help build a community of actual or potential customers using the power of social connections. The key to success in social works is the right content at the right time targeted to the right person. Hence the need to build the right campaigns.

Key metrics (weekly)
  • Number of social listings
  • Number of social activities (posts)
  • Number of activity likes, pins, re-tweets
  • Number of new connections (likes, followers, etc.)
  • Total number of social connection

Why Social Media?

Here are some reasons why every business trying to succeed in the online world must have a strong social media presence:

  • Find new prospects (through their social connection)
  • Retain existing customers by impressing them & differentiating yourself from competitors
  • SMO is key to your online reputation. Increase conversion rate by demonstrating expertise with a strong social presence (more like, followers, etc.)
  • Show case your products & services and get attested by existing clients socially
  • Search engines also view your social presence as an important factor in deciding search rank

Our Social Media Strategy

We have a systematic approach to ensure your social media success:

  1. Audit - Initial audit of your current presence and your competitors social activity
  2. Create Presence - Ensure that your business is listed in all the top and middle tier social media channels
  3. Content - Identify content trend for your business
  4. Social Media Road - Create a social media success roadmap with detailed activity plans at weekly and monthly level
  5. Build Connections - Get more likes and follower in the social world
  6. Social Campaigns - Engage existing customers and connect with potential future buyers
  7. Brand Creation - Create a positive brand image that will retain customers for a long time.

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