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Content demonstates domain authority

Content marketing is equally important as creating unique and authoratative content.

Our Content Strategy
  • Great content writers
  • Solid understanding of business
  • Competition Research for content
  • Relevant websites for content publication

Content Development

Search engines prefer domains and websites that have a strong online reputation for specific services and product. One way to build a strong reputation in the eyes of the search engines is to create a set of content that is popular among customers. For example, popular contents are liked in facebook, re-tweeted on Twitter and pinned on Pinterest. Customers or potential buyers spend more time on a page that has good content. Popular contents are also referred to by domain experts on other blogs and websites. These are a few of the ways in which search engines could potentially identify content that are really popular versus content that is mediocre.

We believe in having dedicated content writers that can under various business, target customers, and your product and services, and deliver truly original content.

Content that helps users

One of the key facts emphasized in google webmaster guideline journal is to "make pages primarily for users, not for search engines" (google webmaster guidelines). Content should be build to help potential customers and not search engine. However, search engines look for certain things in the content to identify relevancy for certain keywords. Maintaining a customer friendly content

Content that is unqiue

Awesome content writers

If you have engaged in SEO with another company, then you have most likely experienced content that is not upto your standard. We have a group of content writers that are great at writing content in good English language. They also spend the time to understand and learn your business, services and products. Before every submission, we take the time to process content through a lead to ensure quality and search engine friendliness.

Various forms of content

  • Text content - articles, slides
  • Ebooks, white paper
  • Image content
  • Video content
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