Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate - Conversion rate is definied by the percentage of website visitors that complete a certain goal. The goal varies from website to website. For example, there could be two conversion goals for a plumber's website (1) customer fills up a form requesting service or (2) customer calls the plumber's phone number listed on the site.

Conversion Rate Optimization - As wikipedia says, conversion rate optimization referes to techniques business websites use to increase lead generation and improve website results. (wikipedia). This helps businesses compete effectively in the online space.

Factors affecting conversion rate

Here are some of the factors that could affect your website's conversion rate:

  1. Webpage Design (layout and look-n-feel)
  2. Call for action (prominently placed on the landing page)
  3. Webpage Content (text, images, video)
  4. Customized Message (landing page should show the exact service a customer is looking for)
  5. Promotions (attractive promotions and discount that are competitive)
  6. Online reputation (your reviews and ratings on the internet)

Simple Conversion Optimization Strategies

Important things to consider while building landing pages that is optimized for conversion:

  1. Show extremely relevant information.
    For example, if a customer is looking for "oil change" services, an optimized landing page for an automotive service company would show information about oil change service, duration of service, hours of operation, and pricing.
  2. Make it transperent and trustworthy.
    For example, make sure to provide information about location and along with a contact number.
  3. Make your site user friendly.
    For example, make it easy for your customer to find your phone number or details of your services or products. Also prevent annoying pop-ups that are not relevant to what customer is looking for.

Additional resources:
Google's landing page experience suggestions.

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